290 Wine Shuttle


"Hop On - Hop Off"

Cost: All day pass $24.99

  1. Where is the Fredericksburg Visitor Center located?
    A: One block north of Main St. at the corner of Lincoln St. and E. Austin St. (302 E. Austin St.) directly behind the National Museum of the Pacific War (Admiral Nimitz Museum).
  2. To how many Wineries do you provide service?
    A: There are 14 wineries currently on the Route.
  3. How long can we stay at each Winery?
    A: As long as you like. The shuttle comes by every 15 minutes. It will typically take about an hour to visit, tour, and enjoy a tasting. Many of the Wineries provide live music after 1:00pm for you to enjoy with a glass of wine.
  4. If I want a private tour, is that an option?
    A: Yes. We offer private tours seven days a week. For groups of 10 or more you may want a private tour, call for details.
  5. How much are the tastings at each Winery?
    A: The price varies but ranges between $10.00-15.00 per person. Please note that 290 Wine Shuttle does not pay for tastings. The cost of the tasting fee is a responsibility of the rider.
  6. What time do the Wineries open/close?
    A: Most open at 10:00am on Saturday and close at 6:00pm. Our service begins picking up directly across from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center at 10:00am on Saturday and 11:00am on Sunday. The last pick up begins at 3:00 on Saturday and 4:30pm on Sunday.
  7. Does the shuttle follow a specific route?
    A:Yes. We go in a counterclockwise direction to HWY 290 throughout the day. We initially drop off at various wineries along the route in order to distribute guests throughout the route. This helps alleviate overcrowding at any one particular winery. You may go back to a winery later in the day, just follow the route until you arrive at the winery of your choice.
  8. The Wineries:
      • 1. Armadillo's Leap Winery
        2. Barons Creek Vineyards
        3. Becker Vineyards
        4. Fat Ranch Winery
        5. Fiesta Winery
        6. Four Point Cellars
        7. Inwood Estates
        8. Grape Creek Vineyards
        9. Mendelbaum Cellars
        10. Messina Hof
        11. Six Shooter Cellars
        12. Torre di Pietra
        13. The Vintage Cellar
        14. Wedding Oak Winery (located at Wildseed Farms)
    1. What if I only want to visit two or three Wineries?
      A: Just stay on the shuttle until it arrives at your desired Winery.
    2. Can we return to the Visitor Center at any time?
      A: Yes, just stay on the shuttle and it will bring you back to Fredericksburg, which is valid for the entire day.
    3. Do you offer gift certificates?
      A: Yes, gift certificates are available and make a great gift!

    It is a violation of TABC law for our shuttle to drop off, or for any winery to serve, any individual deemed to be intoxicated.

    Tour Responsibly!
    290 Wine Shuttle
    Fredericksburg TX 78624