Blue Lotus Winery

Blue Lotus Winery At the tasting room, visitors find a long tasting list. Dry and sweet, red and white make up the traditional wine list. The mead list is no less extensive, with diverse flavors fused with honey. So from grape to honey, there is no shortage of interesting combinations. For the wines, in particular, Texas favorites can be found, such as Viognier. Then there are the wines not commonly found among Texas wine lists – Primitivo, Carmenère, Malvasia Bianca, and a late harvest Riesling – that take on their own hint of Texas. The Primitivo is punctuated by notes of red spices reminiscent of Texas Tempranillo. But among the wines, there are wonderful surprises. Following with a new trend in Texas wine, Blue Lotus experiments with different grape varieties to find what grows best and makes good wine. Like many, they are working with Blanc du Bois. They have taken great care in assembling a team of only the best to help their customers enjoy their experience while visiting their vineyards and winery.