Fat Ass Winery

Fat Ass Ranch Winery signWhen you first arrive at the winery, you’ll know immediately you are in Texas. The outside has a large seating area complete with the back of a bus with cushions, a contraption which looks like the moonshine still mentioned but has the end result of wine, tractor, men’s and women’s restrooms built from silos, and more. The outside décor continues inside the winery and you can tell the person responsible for it had a lot of fun with the theme and was very imaginative. 

As you might expect, based on its cheeky name, Fat Ass Winery is a laid-back establishment that emphasizes fun over formality. Their inventory is dominated by a wide array of sweet wines featuring strawberry, raspberry, peach, and watermelon flavor profiles. For a truly unique and unpretentious Texas wine-tasting experience, try this winery.