Garrison Brothers Distillery

Garrison Brothers Distillery is Texas’ first and oldest bourbon distillery. Their bourbon is hand-made from corn to cork right here on their little ranch.  Like everything else in the Lone Star State, their dreams were big from the start. They didn’t want to make just any bourbon–they wanted to make the best bourbon. Anywhere. They are confident they have succeeded and have no doubt you’ll agree. Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey captures the very heart of all that is Texan. It’s bold. Proud. Complex. Authentic. Garrison Brothers Distillery is the first legal bourbon whiskey distillery in Texas. Their ranch and distillery are open for tours and tastings. Reservations are strongly recommended, so please call first to make sure we don’t shoot you. Since Texas state law prohibits them from selling you a bottle, they ask everyone to please consider buying a t-shirt. Note: Should you wish to participate in one of the Garrison Brothers Distillery tours you also must make reservations online in advance for either the 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm tour at You are welcome to hop off and try a tasting at any time.