Our Route

Our Route: (listed in order of drop off)

  1. Safari Winery
  2. Longhorn Cellars
  3. Barons Creek Vineyards
  4. Sweetbriar Rose
  5. Mendelbaum Cellars
  6. Inwood Estates
  7. *Grape Creek Vineyards Last Drop Off at Grape Creek is 2:00 p.m. – 290 Wine Shuttle is proud to be certified as a “Preferred Partner” of Grape Creek Vineyards. We respect and follow their guidelines.
  8. Heath Sparkling Wines
  9. Becker Vineyards Last Drop Off at Becker Vineyards is 3:30 p.m.
  10. Woodrose Winery
  11. Fat Ass Ranch & Winery
  12. Wine Garage
  13. Four Point Cellars
  14. Messina Hof
  15. Wildseed Farms
  16. Fiesta Winery
  17. The Vintage Cellar
  18. Six Shooter Cellars



















It is a violation of TABC law for our shuttle to drop off, or for any winery to serve, any individual deemed to be intoxicated.