You may have heard of Texas Hill Country, but are you familiar with Texas Wine Country? If you’re not, don’t worry—soon enough, you will be! Whether you are a wine connoisseur, novice, or enthusiast, Texas Wine Country is calling your name. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Texas Wine Country and the 290 Wine Trail before you visit!

Where is Texas Wine Country?

First things first, you need to know where to go. Plug Fredericksburg, Texas into your navigation app. That’s where you’ll be heading for your next romantic weekend getaway, annual girls trip, or spontaneous day trip if you’re close enough! As part of Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg is located in the south central region of Texas, making it a convenient destination for Texans. There’s plenty to do in this area besides wine tasting and touring, but this post is all about the vino.

How Much Wine Are We Talking?

A lot! There are over 100 wineries and vineyards in Texas Hill Country, and more than 50 of them are in Fredericksburg. With so many amazing vineyards to visit and wines to sip, there’s no way to fit them all into one weekend, but you can definitely see quite a few. One of the best ways to experience this wine lovers’ paradise is by visiting the 290 Wine Trail.

What is the 290 Wine Trail?

The 290 Wine Trail is a collection of over 30 wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms conveniently located along scenic US Hwy 290. This trail is more than a highway of wineries—it is truly an experience. Each winery along the trail offers a unique atmosphere and specialty, from live music to full-service restaurants to unforgettable scenery.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect activity for a quiet Saturday with your partner, a celebratory weekend with your best friends, or a solo outing with your dog, the 290 Wine Trail is for you. (Yes, it features dog-friendly wineries!) And the best part is, with so many sips to savor, you’re bound to find a new favorite wine. The hardest part will be picking just one!

Maximize Your Time on the Wine Trail

There’s no right or wrong way to experience the 290 Wine Trail, as long as you experience it in the first place! If you live nearby, you might want to slowly sip and savor your way through the various vineyards, picking one new place to visit every time you pass through US Hwy 290.

On the other hand, not everyone has the luxury of living so close to the trail. If you only have one weekend in Texas Wine Country, we’re guessing you’ll want to visit as many wineries as you can. Thankfully, the 290 Wine Trail makes it very possible to visit several wineries in one afternoon. With the geographical details already on your side, one of the best ways to maximize your time on the trail is with a wine shuttle service. (Fun fact: 290 Wine Shuttle is the only wine shuttle service in Fredericksburg, TX!)

When you take advantage of a wine shuttle, you maximize your time with your friends and at the wineries. No more navigating from place to place, looking for parking, or designating a DD for the day. You don’t even have to worry about carrying your wine from place to place—we’ll store it for you. The 290 Wine Shuttle has partnered with 17 wineries on the trail. (Learn about each of the wineries along our shuttle route.) With pickups at each winery every ten minutes, you can easily visit as many wineries as you’d like throughout the day. You can hop on and off the shuttle as little or as much as you’d like, so there’s nothing stopping you from going back to your favorite winery to stock up on your new favorite vino at the end of the day.

Experience the 290 Wine Trail

Fredericksburg is calling. Are you ready to experience Texas Wine Country in all its glory? Book a shuttle service now. We hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events

The wineries along the wine trail host a variety of events throughout the year. Bookmark this page to stay in the loop!

May 2024

Sip, Sway, & Sing Along at Fat Ass Ranch & Winery (May 11)

Hye Cider & Snack Pairing at Texas Wine Collective (May 11)

Dueling Piano Show at Texas Wine Collective (May 11)

Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival (May 24-26)

Jazz with David Villanueva at Safari Winery (May 25)

June 2024

3rd Annual Fredericksburg Craft Beer Festival (June 7-8)

Donuts & Wine Pairing at Texas Wine Collective (June 8)

Savor the Sound at Fat Ass Ranch Brewery (June 15)

Cigars & Cab at Texas Wine Collective (June 15)